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Meikel Rosbebrough enjoys the process of analyzing the way family functions and using his design skills to make sure their home supports their lifestyle. He sees potential problems and works to solve them with a master-plan approach. While new builds are a passion of his Meikel enjoys the challenges that come with renovations and the integration of the current spaces limitations. 

Meikel has his Redseal in carpentry and has worked in the industry for over 10 years. He believes that the physical space you live in has an effect on your spirit and your attitude and prides himself in creating the right environment for his clients and their families. 

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Madison Cook is a detail-oriented designer who loves the process of taking something good and making it better. She is good at seeing the potential in homes and enjoys building strong relationships with her clients. 

 “I approach design like a puzzle,” she says. “I enjoy taking all the parameters of a project into consideration to come up with a great solution.” Madison enjoys working with the city in mind whenever designing projects that will require permitting and believe in utilizing the function of every space she works with.